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Good Afternoon

You're in the driver's seat with Modarri model cars

Kidsday reporter Joshua Dada, of St. Anne's School,

Kidsday reporter Joshua Dada, of St. Anne's School, Garden City, with the Modarri cars he built. Credit: Olatunji Dada

I was able to test out the Modarri 3 Pack. It is a build-your-own-car kit.

It comes with all you need, from design ideas to steering and car suspension sets. The playset comes with three unassembled cars and decorative green car parts. The green car parts do not come with screws or tires, but you can use the green parts to decorate your car by removing and attaching them using screwdrivers.

The set is simple to assemble. The Modarri playset is very realistic. For example, the cars can make strong and sharp turns. They also have springs to bounce out of holes and challenge one another on which one can bounce off the floor the highest.

You can put your finger in the driver’s seat to steer it, but in my opinion, it’s hard to do. In general, these cars are fun to play with. I would recommend these cars to young creative kids.

Rating: 4 smiles out of 5

Michelle Indrieri’s fifth-grade class, St. Anne's School, Garden City

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