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Monopoly to Dog-opoly, she got this game

Kidsday reporter Dana Stumpf and her Monopoly collection.

Kidsday reporter Dana Stumpf and her Monopoly collection. Credit: Nicole Stumpf

Do you enjoy playing board games with your family? My favorite board game to play with my family is Monopoly.

Monopoly has been my favorite since I was 8. That is when I got my first game. I loved collecting the properties. I also loved that it takes a long time to play and that anything can happen with the roll of the dice. Over the years, I began collecting Monopoly games, and now I have 12 different games.

My collection includes many different themes, like Nintendo, animals, theme parks and trains. I also have special versions that Hasbro published. These are a twist on traditional Monopoly. Some examples are Monopoly Empire, Ultimate Banking and My Monopoly.

I have gotten a lot of my Monopoly games for my birthday and Christmas, but I love getting new ones on vacation, too. I picked up new games at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania and at Disney World in Florida. Both times these were great souvenirs. We played them on rainy vacation days.

My favorite version of Monopoly is Dog-opoly. I love that it is dog-themed. In traditional Monopoly you can get sent to jail, but in Dog-opoly the jail is a kennel. It still costs $50 or double dice to get out. The board pieces include a flea, a dog bowl, a mailman, and a T-bone steak. Instead of building houses and hotels, in Dog-opoly you build toys and bones.

Even though I have so many sets, there are so many more to collect. You can never go wrong with playing Monopoly.

Jennifer DeCarlo and Robyn Grieco’s fifth-grade class, Nokomis Elementary School, Holbrook

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