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Montauk Lighthouse is a fun place to visit

Credit: Kidsday Illustration / Zachary Nagle

The Montauk Lighthouse is a National Historic Landmark that was built in 1796. Did you know that President George Washington authorized that the lighthouse be built? The lighthouse was built to help ships spot land and warn them of danger. It’s the first lighthouse in New York State, and the fourth oldest lighthouse in the United States.

There are 137 iron steps to the top of the tower. The light flashes can be seen for 19 nautical miles. The lighthouse has a beautiful view of the cliffs and rocks that go to the sea. There is also a special monument dedicated to those who have lost their lives at sea. The sea can be a dangerous place, but the lighthouse is there to help.

We like to visit the lighthouse and the park because there are great hiking areas, and it is fun to climb the lighthouse steps. We like to see the fish jumping and the boats coming and going. We have been there at least 30 times. We think the best time to visit is in the fall and spring when the crowds aren’t as big. For more, visit online:

Jennifer Jamet’s fourth-grade class, Montauk Elementary School

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