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When in Montauk, visit the Manor

Kidsday reporter Maya Taveras and her mother, Burquie

Kidsday reporter Maya Taveras and her mother, Burquie Taveras, at Montauk Manor. Credit: Taveras family

Have you ever wondered where you can stay when you’re on vacation in Montauk? Well, you’re in luck. Montauk is a beautiful place, and it has the most beautiful building that overlooks all of Montauk. It’s the Montauk Manor.

At the manor there is a pool, fancy bathrooms, a wonderful restaurant and even a piano that plays by itself. In the afternoon there are crafts for kids. The location of the craft center is in the lobby outside. The rooms are beautiful. All of the rooms have different styles and each one is unique. And last but not least, the hallways are the most beautiful things ever. The floors are the darkest black stone and there are four floors in the manor. I recommend that you come to the Montauk Manor — it’s awesome.

Also, there is the best service ever. My mom works at the manor. She is in charge of the people who clean the rooms. Sometimes I walk around the floors with my mom. It’s awesome to get to see all the rooms. You will love it here.

Some people claim the manor is haunted. Others think it is just a joke. Well, it is real. Once I saw the ghost — it looked scary but it only comes out at night on the full moon. That’s always the night I see her (the ghost is a girl). The ghost is friendly and actually lives in a room at the manor. I’ve entered the room it lives in, which is pretty nice but cold.

The manor is at 236 Edgemere St., Montauk, 631-668-4400,

Jennifer Jamet’s fourth-grade class, Montauk Elementary School

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