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Surfing is great in Montauk

Kidsday reporter Katie Grande enjoys surfing in Montauk.

Kidsday reporter Katie Grande enjoys surfing in Montauk. Credit: Grande family

Montauk is known for many things, but surfing is definitely one of the greatest attractions. You can surf big waves at Ditch Plains or tiny waves somewhere else, but Montauk beaches have a lot to offer.

Well-known beaches are Ditch Plains, Turtle Cove or Point Break by the lighthouse, Atlantic Terrace, Umbrella Beach or even down by Napeague. Those beaches have great wave breaks, and it is really fun. However, there are lifeguards only at Ditch Plains and Umbrella Beach.

Here’s a tip when surfing: When you wipe out, always cover your head. You could hit a rock or the hard sand bottom if you don’t. Even though you might be saying, “What about your arms?” it is better to hurt your arms than your head.

There are many students from Montauk School who surf for a hobby. Yet there are many kids who don’t at all. I took a survey of the students in grades one to eight at my school. The results were interesting. Ninety out of 221 students surveyed surf — not even half!

The grade that had the most surfers was seventh grade, with 20 surfers out of 27, from beginners to those who surf all the time. Why is this, you may ask? The seventh-graders are a very mature and athletic group. They also all know how to swim.

Even though we are a surfing town, there are many other things besides surfing that you can do here in Montauk. If you come our way and want to know how the waves are, check online at

Jennifer Jamet’s fourth-grade class, Montauk Elementary School

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