Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Morning announcements live on TV

Lights, camera, action! Every Friday morning in our school, we have live TV morning announcements that are able to be viewed in all the classrooms using our Smart Boards. The studio has a crew that does the pledge, weather, the theme of the month, words of wisdom, birthdays, what happened on that day in history, and, best of all, a random funny video clip. The fifth-graders are the main staff and the fourth-graders are there training for the next year. When they choose a video, they make sure it has unusual things that you don't see every day. Sometimes on the show they have a robot named RJ. He does all of the things that the RJO show crew does. For the theme of the month they choose topics on character education, like honesty, confidence, and trustworthiness.

Scripts are given to the crew about 15 minutes before the show airs, and most of the kids read directly from the scripts. The crew does get to have some input, like fun facts, what happened on that day in history, and sometimes get to pick the video clip. The crew members said in the beginning they used to be nervous, but now they are more comfortable doing it so they are a lot less nervous. Kids said they like it because it is not just news, but entertainment as well. When we talked to the fifth-grade kids we found out that they were so very critical of their online performances and always hope to be better on screen. We think this is a great idea instead of the usual morning announcements.

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