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Mother’s helper is a great summer job; here are some tips

To be a good mother's helper, stay organized

To be a good mother's helper, stay organized and have ideas ready to go. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Emma Mulhall, East Marion

A great summer job for kids is being a mother’s helper. The difference between a mother’s helper and a baby sitter is a mother’s helper helps the mom take care of her kids while she is busy doing something else in the house, while a baby sitter is someone who watches kids with no parents at home.

Whether you are a baby sitter or a mother’s helper, it’s always a good idea to ask any questions you may have about the children. Here are some good questions for the parents:

  • Ask about food allergies before feeding the children.
  • Ask the parents what the children can and can’t eat.
  • Ask how many kids you’re watching and taking responsibility for if they are allowed to have any friends over.
  • Are your kids afraid of anything?

How to keep yourself organized

  • Create a baby-sitting checklist of your responsibilities.
  • Create your own baby-sitting tote bag with a couple of cheap activities in it to keep the kids entertained.
  • Make baby-sitting bucks to give kids when they are well-behaved.

Entertaining kids with games

  • Sing silly songs.
  • Play trash can basketball.
  • Get a bag of objects from around the house and have them reach into the bag to describe them and guess what they are.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt indoors or outside.
  • Bring sidewalk chalk and draw pictures or hopscotch on the driveway.
  • Suggest having a tea party or dance party.

Simple crafts

  • Make a paper microphone and let the kids take turns having a talent show.
  • Make bracelets with beads and yarn.
  • Bring socks to make sock puppets.


If the child can’t fall asleep, read them a story or ask if they have a special stuffed animal. Background noises like soft music usually helps kids fall asleep as well.

Discipline / problems

Have you ever had a problem with the child you are watching? We suggest putting the child in timeout for a minute for each year of their age.

We hope you take this responsibility and advice to be a mother’s helper. Use these tips of the trade to be the best.


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