Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Tips for giving Mom a relaxing Mother's Day

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Si Yue Jiang, Melville

Mother’s Day is an important day. We are sure that your mother would love relaxation on Mother’s Day. We will tell you different ways on how to set up an amazing day off for her.

If your mother is the type of person who likes beauty, you can just do everything in your house. First, you will need a table and a chair to paint your mom’s nails. Then you will also need nail polish, polish remover and cotton swabs. You can search on YouTube how to paint nails like a professional and how to do designs.

You can also ask her if you can do her hair. Some ideas are braids, a high ponytail, curling her hair or straightening her hair. In addition, if she likes makeup, you can learn how to do it. And, of course, to top it off you can take her to the mall to go shopping.

You can also give her breakfast in bed. You can find good recipes online or in a cookbook from your house or the library. Maybe she would just like to sleep all day or not get out of bed.

A good way you can spend time with her without annoying her is to watch her favorite TV show or movie while eating snacks. Of course, you could do anything with her that she likes to do, but these are just some examples of things you can do with and for your mom without getting out of the house.

We’re sure she would love to relax on this day.

Theresa Moskowski’s fifth-grade students, Walnut Street School, Uniondale

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