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Mount Snow in Vermont is great in both winter and summer

If you're looking for an amazing summer adventure, try Mount Snow in Vermont. It's a great place. My family got a place there last year across the street from the mountain with great views. There's mountain biking, hiking, water sports, golfing and other fun things to do.

My favorite thing to do is go hiking. I love to hike up the trails that I skied on all winter long because it looks so different. In the summer, everything is very green, and in the winter, it's all white. There's a kids camp that I heard has a lot of cool activities, but I've never been there.

Believe it or not, over the summer Mount Snow attracts a lot of people. It is in West Dover, Vermont. It is good for starters and pros because there are easy trails and there are hard trails. Among the most popular features are the mountain biking trails. They cover the mountain, and there are great jumps.

I spend most of my time at Mount Snow skiing in the winter. My family goes up almost every weekend, but I love going in the summer because it's really fun if you like to be outdoors. We are going to spend a week there once my brother and I get out of summer camp and before school starts. Even though it takes us four or five hours to drive up there, it is so worth it!

There are a lot of places to eat on and off the mountain. Some of the places are Nonna's, Harriman's, First Wok, The Last Chair (It has a great big game room where my brother and I can play while they are making our food, and their nachos are the best!). If you get hungry on the mountain, you can go to the Grand Country Deli. My favorite is the tomato, mozzarella and basil panino.

If you are just checking the place out, there are lots of places to stay that are on or near the mountain. Even though I prefer the winter, I like the summers on Mount Snow a lot. Now that sounds like a fun adventure! If you want even more information, visit the website

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