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Mountain biking is an excellent hobby 

Kidsday reporter Mia Cormier of Port Jefferson Middle

Kidsday reporter Mia Cormier of Port Jefferson Middle School takes on the mountain bike trail. Credit: Cormier family

Mountain biking is a great hobby for kids and adults to do, summer, spring, fall and winter.

My family went mountain biking on the Laurel Ridge Setauket Woods Nature Preserve trails. When I was biking, I came upon a couple of harder things like long, narrow hills that go down, with rocks and roots. If you go mountain biking, and this is too hard, then you can just walk your bike down. I had to do that a couple of times.

When you’re on a mountain bike, sitting on the seat, it looks so much higher than it really is because of the huge tires on the bike, and especially if you’re a tall person, it looks so much taller than it really is.

Even if you fall down, don’t be afraid to try it again. One time I skipped going down a big hill, and now I regret skipping it because my brother said it was fun.

It is a great hobby for all ages! You can go mountain biking in almost every season, too!

Nancy Bachety's sixth-grade class, Port Jefferson Middle School

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