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Kidsday reviews 'A Dog's Journey'

CJ (Kathryn Prescott) with Bailey as Max the

CJ (Kathryn Prescott) with Bailey as Max the Yorkshire terrier (front, third dog from left, voiced by Josh Gad) and her dog-walking pack in "A Dog's Journey." Credit: Universal Pictures/Joe Lederer

“A Dog’s Journey,” the movie sequel to “A Dog’s Purpose,” continues the story of the dog, Bailey. In “A Dog’s Purpose,” Bailey lives several lives, reincarnated into a different dog each time. Ethan (played by Dennis Quaid), Bailey’s second owner, first meets Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad) when he is a child, and then later reunites again when he is an adult. “A Dog’s Journey,” picks up with Ethan as a grandpa living with his wife, Hannah, his granddaughter, Clarity Jane or CJ (Kathryn Prescott) for short, CJ’s mother, Gloria, and, of course, Bailey. Gloria was pregnant with CJ when her spouse suddenly died in a car crash. After this, she felt like the world was against her and was very angry.  

After getting into a fight with Ethan and Hannah, she decides to leave with CJ. Later on, Bailey grows old again, and before he dies, Ethan tells him to protect CJ. Now, Bailey is reincarnated once again into a dog named Molly with the mission to protect CJ.  Lucky enough, 11-year-old CJ and her friend Trent visit the place where Molly is up for adoption. Trent adopts Molly’s brother Rocky, while CJ falls in love with Molly, causing her to adopt her without the consent of Gloria. To CJ, Molly acts as a friend and keeps her company on the many scary nights Gloria is not home. She keeps Molly a secret for some time until Gloria finally finds out.

Besides protecting CJ, Molly becomes a service dog and helps sniff out people who might have cancer. CJ and Molly take off for New York City. By now, Molly dies and comes back as Max! CJ adopts her and over time they reconnect with her childhood friend Trent and go on some adventures that lead them back to her grandparents' home and Ethan proves to CJ that this is Bailey (and all her other dogs) reincarnated.
We really enjoyed this unique movie and loved the plot. It added comic relief at the right moments but is able to make you shed a tear.

We found it fascinating to view the story through the eyes of a dog. It added humor, and overall it made the movie more interesting. The fact that they trained so many dogs for this movie is unbelievable.  It is hard to look away once it starts, so make sure you have your popcorn and soda ready! We loved this movie and definitely recommend you see “A Dog’s Journey.”

Rating: 4 smiles (out of 5)

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