Good Evening
Good Evening

Moving boats with my dad

Do you have a job? If you do, I bet you it's nothing compared to the work I do. My job is boat moving with my dad, Chris Lombardi. His business is Hippie Chic Marine Services Inc. in Smithtown. For the past three years, I have been going to work with him on the weekends in the fall and he has been showing me what it takes to move boats, large and small. Last summer, since I have been working so hard, he has been paying me $2 per boat, and, if I'm lucky, I get a tip from the customer.

You're probably wondering what a 10-year-old boy does when he helps move boats. I help my dad strap down the boats to the trailer. I help him take cinder blocks and put them underneath the boat so it does not fall. Also, I help get the boat in and out of the water. With the spring here, more and more boats are going back into the water and I have been helping take off the shrink wrap that is on the boats to protect them during the harsh winter months. I love working with my dad. The job is great and I get to spend a lot of time with him.

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