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‘Mr. Gedrick and Me’ reviewed by Long Island kids

Kidsday reporter Selina Lin read and reviewed "Mr.

Kidsday reporter Selina Lin read and reviewed "Mr. Gedrick and Me." Credit: Jennifer Speicher

“Mr. Gedrick and Me,” by Patrick Carman (Katherine Tegen Books), is a humorous fiction story set in the 21st century in Chicago.

Stanley Darrow’s family is torn apart after his dad dies. His mom is stuck without inspiration in the kitchen, his sister is shut in her room, and his brother is always ignoring him. When Mr. Gedrick comes, whether by fate, a fairy or an internet ad for a nanny, it starts to heal.

With a touch of magic and a pinch and a twist, the house gets clean, food cooked, things built and the family reunited. His mother gets back her inspiration and a sense of loving, his sister is out of her room and his brother acknowledges him again. The Darrows are together and happy for the first time since their father died, all because of Mr. Gedrick.

I rate this book 4.5 smiles as it is very humorous, relatable and very magical. Like how does a house get clean or get fixed after a tree falls on it, and how do treehouses get built in three days with a pinch and a twist?

Jennifer Speicher’s fourth-grade class, PS 79Q, Whitestone

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