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Good Morning

MS Walk for the Cure

In May 2012, my mom woke up very dizzy. A few weeks later, we went upstate on vacation, and she lost part of the vision in her left eye and started having trouble using her right hand and leg. My family knew something was wrong. She saw many doctors, and the test results told us that my mom has MS, which is short for multiple sclerosis.

My mom, Janine, had been having MS attacks, and that's why she was getting sick. Her doctor told her she has what's called relapsing-remitting MS. MS causes your body's immune system to attack nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

When I found out my mom had MS, I was sad. We sat together and talked about how my mom might feel sometimes. She might feel good some days and other days not feel good. So my sisters and I have to help out. We help with the wash, the dishes, the diapers and caring for our pets. I always help with my baby sister, Brooke. She is a handful!

My family decided we should join the Walk for a Cure and raise money for MS. We created a team to support my mom. We named it Bean's team. We raised about $2,000 and had T-shirts made up for everyone to wear. A lot of our family and friends came that day and helped. When we crossed the finish line, they gave us a medal. It made me feel good, I was proud to help people with this disease.

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