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Good Evening

Multiplication contest drives us to a Fact Frenzy

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Giulian Quijije

Do you like multiplication challenges? If you do, then keep reading!

The Fact Frenzy competition we have in our school is when two kids face off and try to give the correct product of a multiplication question. Whoever gives the right answer wins!

The Fact Frenzy is all about knowing your facts. My class would sometimes practice with a multiplication worksheet. One time I completed my sheet in just 32 seconds. We go up only to the 12 times tables.

In a tournament, two classes face off, and the last team standing wins. Our class was great, knocking out one class after another. We made it to the semifinals, and we were confident we would win, and we did.

The finals game was different. It was on stage. Most of my friends were nervous, but I wasn’t. Once we got on stage I felt good. My friend was very nervous and he got out because he froze, and my other teammates started losing, so a few minutes later, it was six kids against me. I got four of them out, but then I lost. I was proud of myself, but I knew I couldn’t get six people out.

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