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‘Munchem Academy: The Boy Who Knew Too Much’ review

"Munchem Academy: The Boy Who Knew Too Much" by Commander S.T. Bolivar III. Credit: Disney Hyperion

I read “Munchem Academy: The Boy Who Knew Too Much” by Commander S.T. Bolivar III (Disney Hyperion). This is a great book!

It is about a boy named Mattie Larimore. Mattie was a good kid until he stole a train. He has a brother named Carter, who is always in trouble. Carter already attends the boarding school that Mattie now will have to attend because of his theft — Munchem Academy.

Mattie was with his new friends Caroline and Elliot one day when they found a machine in the basement of the school. They saw a teacher putting a boy named Maxwell into the machine. You will never believe what happened to Maxwell. If you are wondering what happens next or what kind of machine Mattie and his friends found, you’ll have to read this book.

AGES 9 and older


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