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Music can help athletes perform better

Most kids believe that music does help you improve in sports. I think they are right. For most players it gives them something else to think about rather than the game. Some NHL goalies, such as Henrik Lundqvist of the Rangers, Mike Smith of the Arizona Coyotes and Ryan Miller of the Vancouver Canucks, use music to mentally escape from the game.

Music is a distraction that makes you less aware of your exertion while playing. I think this distraction can improve a person's athletic performance. Music can also increase your effort. With a higher tempo, it can increase effort, and with a slower tempo, it decreases your effort.

Music also can put you "in the zone," which helps you focus. In music, a good beat can also help you keep pace. The rhythm of the song stimulates the motor area of the brain. Making music also makes hard physical activities less exhausting. I prefer to listen to music when playing a sport because it gets me in the zone. I am a cross-country runner, and besides beating the boredom, music helps as a distraction. I only wish my coaches at school would let me wear the headsets when I am practicing with the team.

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