Good Morning
Good Morning

What led me to write my own music

Music has always been my life. I remember always being interested in music. It became my passion at about 3. I remember singing and dancing to the song “Mrs. Right” by the group Mindless Behavior.

Now I am 10, and I mostly like hip-hop music. My favorite artist is Drake. I like his song “God’s Plan.” In his music video Drake gives money to families in need, and it was real. Drake also helped a young girl who needed a heart transplant. He made her wish come true when he visited her in the hospital.

I can relate because in 2015 I had open heart surgery because I got sick with something called Kawasaki disease. Music is what really helped me feel better.

I like to write rap music. Here is a song I have written.


Woke up in the morning,

I seen the light then I know everything’s going to be all right.

I didn’t hear no fuss,

I didn’t even hear scratches from the bus,

I walked out in the hall,

I seen my bro going to fall,

he was tying shoes so he can go out and ball,

My friends called me ...

Do I want to go to the mall,

I said no I want to go with my brother and ball,

I throw the ball, it gets up and falls,

It hits the back, it was a bass,

I felt like Kobe with the splash,

I go home,

It’s cold but not icy man,

I fell like Gucci with the ice cream,

I’m falling ‘cause I’m sad the day is done,

I had a lot of fun,

If you have had a bad day,

Get out and say,

It’s OK!

Susan Danzig and Jen Stucchio’s fifth-grade class, Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School, Huntington Station

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