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A fantastic show at the Gramercy Theatre

Singers Max, in the hat, and Harvey with

Singers Max, in the hat, and Harvey with Kidsday reporters Emily Desiderio, next to Max, and from left, Beatrice McKeon, Grady Davis, and Connor Byrnes. Credit: Newsday/ Pat Mullooly

On Sunday, April 22, we traveled from Sayville to the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan to meet, interview and watch Max and Harvey perform in the DigiTour Arctic Lights show. Max and Harvey are twin brothers who became famous by posting videos of themselves singing on YouTube. They also became popular on apps like Instagram,, Twitter and Facebook. When we showed up at the theater, the line was already around the corner with so many fans excited about seeing this show.

We asked Max and Harvey a lot of questions when we interviewed them in the lounge area. Emily first asked them if their friends treated them any differently when they got famous, and they said how their close friends did not because they knew them for a long time, but people who did not know them were like,”Oh, that’s Max and Harvey!” Emily also asked them what they miss about home when they are on tour, and they both agreed that they miss their pets — they have cats and dogs — and their friends.

Connor asked if the other people in their videos are friends from their neighborhood. And they said that yes, mostly all of their videos are with their friends, but it they travel, they have friends all over the world. Connor also wondered if they ever receive bad comments, and if they do, how do they handle it. Max and Harvey said that they do not really look at comments, but that if there are haters, Max and Harvey say those people just want attention and to not let them get in their way.

When it was Beatrice’s turn to ask a question, she asked them if they like people doing their hair and makeup. They responded no. Their reasons were pretty similar to one another. They both said that they like to do it on their own, and Max said that he is just going to mess up his hair again and put on his hat. Beatrice’s next question asked them who comes up with their video ideas, and they said that both of them think of the ideas together.

When Grady asked Max and Harvey who recorded their first YouTube video, they said that their dad did it for them. And finally, when asked if either of them have a girlfriend, they stated that they keep this kind of stuff private.

The concert started out with bands and other YouTube stars sang songs. The acts before Max and Harvey were mostly people from and other social media. All acts were good, but the last act was Max and Harvey, and by far, they were our favorites! They sang the songs “Words,” “Stuck on the Ceiling,” “Finesse,” and random ones at the end mixed together. They did not miss any words or fail in any songs. Our favorite original songs they sang were “Words” and “Stuck on the Ceiling.”

At the end of the concert, everyone came onstage and confetti, beach balls, and even water, was thrown out at the crowd of fans in the audience. It was so cool! When we left, we realized that that was the best concert ever, and we rate it 5 out of 5. We think that everybody should see them at one point in their lifetime! We had so much fun meeting Max and Harvey, and we hope to see them in concert again soon.

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