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My acting career ... so far

Lights! Camera! Action! The director yells, "Quiet on set!" The sound is rolling, and the camera starts filming. This is the life of an actor.

Do you want to know what it's like to be in a movie or commercial or on a TV show? I am an actor. I am currently in a Verizon commercial.

First, I went on the audition, then a few callbacks. I got the job! About four days later, I went to a fitting. This is where the people in charge of costumes had me try on clothes until they fit. I was playing a basketball player.

On the day of the shoot, I arrived about four hours early. I sat in "holding," where they keep the actors about to shoot. I had lunch and some snacks. Shortly after, the other boys playing basketball players and I changed into our costumes. Afterward, we ran up and down the street because the director wanted us to look sweaty.

Now, the moment. We arrived on set, where they filmed us. They filmed us passing around a ball, running in, and high-fiving one another.

These parts were cut out of the commercial. However, some of the other shots were kept in. Want to see the commercial? Go to or maybe you might even catch it on TV! That's a wrap!


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