Good Morning
Good Morning

My baton twirling routine

I am a twirler. You need to learn routines, and then you get to perform in competitions. You may also march with the marching band. I do both.

If I had to compare twirling with other sports, I'd make it a mix of gymnastics and dancing. First, you have to learn basic moves such as the flatland toss, the right hand toss, the thumbflip, etc. Then, you put those basic moves together to form a routine. Routines are about 11/2 minutes long, but if you rehearse once a week, they take months to complete. Marching in parades is fun. Just the same as regular twirling, you have to learn marching routines. Then, you perform in parades. Marching is tiring, and sometimes you have to march in harsh conditions, such as very cold or very warm days.

Every once in a while, I realize that things aren't going to work out! I have to remember that when your baton falls, you have to just pick it up and keep going.

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