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My Beanie Boos plush collection: 117 and counting

Kidsday reporter Bryn Griffin of Wantagh with her

Kidsday reporter Bryn Griffin of Wantagh with her Beanie Boo collection. Credit: Griffin family

What do you call two giraffes when they collide? A giraffe jam.

If you didn’t get that joke, you probably don’t have a Beanie Boos collection like I do. The two giraffes in the joke are actually named Twigs and Safari, and I have both of them.

I have 117 Beanie Boos in my collection.

Think that’s a lot? There are more than 160 of the small, plush stuffed animals with huge eyes in the whole Beanie Boos collection. They come in a variety of animals and colors, such as Tender the Valentine Elephant, Squeaker the Mouse, and Cutie Pie Panda Bear.

When I was 6, my parents bought me Razberry the Monkey. Every time I organize my Beanie Boos on my shelf, I put Razberry right in the front. Razberry is my favorite because she was the very first Beanie Boo.

My future with my Beanie Boos is uncertain, but when I get older, I may give them to my kids or sell them so others can enjoy them. By the time I’m an adult, they are probably going to be rare, so maybe I can sell them for a lot of money.


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