45° Good Morning
45° Good Morning

Last fall, I ran in Sayville's first elementary school duathlon. A duathlon involves two running events and one biking event. Each grade started the race in heats, a minute behind the other. The order is fifth-grade boys, fifth-grade girls, fourth-grade boys, and so on.

Once the duathlon began, I started running two minutes behind the fifth-grade boys and one minute behind the fifth-grade girls. The first run was half a mile, which went by fast. I was in second out of the fourth- graders by the time that was over. Then, we had to bike 2.5 miles, which took forever, in my opinion, but I think I was in first place among fourth-graders when that was over.

Finally, the second half-mile run!

It felt like the longest time I've ever run in my life. My stomach, legs and arms ached, my face and hands were freezing, and my chest was in so much pain. I had to push myself to my limit if I wanted a good time. I ran and ran, feeling like I wouldn't make it. But I saw the finish line. By this time, I was sprinting, passing kids left and right. When I passed the finish line, I realized I did it! I dropped to the ground feeling like I would throw up. My time was 21 minutes and 49 seconds, and I was really proud of myself and so were my parents. After the race, my friends and I went to my friend's house and celebrated with a pancake breakfast.

It was a memorable morning and a great Sayville event.

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