I have a hero in my family! His name is Steve Sumba and he is my brother. Why is he a hero? Steve was in the Marines. Steve was stationed in South Carolina for seven months. While he was away, he couldn’t talk on the phone so we would write letters back and forth.

Steve came home July 14, 2016. I had so many questions for him about the Marines. He said it was very hard and unforgettable, but he was proud to serve our country. One way being in the Marines is hard is that you don’t get much sleep. Steve had to be up at 5 a.m. every day. Another challenging part of the Marines is the amount of exercising Steve had to do. If someone didn’t follow the rules, Steve and his friends would have to exercise in the sand. This was hard because the sand would stick to you and make you feel awful. I am so proud of my brother!