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My collection fixes mistakes

Kidsday reporter Emma Bernstein of Merrick shows off

Kidsday reporter Emma Bernstein of Merrick shows off her eraser collection. Credit: Bernstein family

Some kids play with dolls. Some kids play video games. Not me. I collect erasers. From food erasers to animal erasers. I have it all. I started collecting when I was 9. I saw them in a store once, and I liked them, so I got a pack. My collection grew from there. I have more than 300 erasers. Everywhere I saw a cute pack of erasers I would get it. This is how my eraser collection grew so much, so fast. Most of my erasers are decorative and I don’t use a lot of them.

Erasers are good for everything. I started collecting them because they are unique. My friends think that they are cool because I have so many. They are also fun to play with. One thing you can do with them is to sort them. I personally love organizing things so I enjoy sorting erasers. Erasers usually come in sets of related things. For example, a painter’s set might include a canvas board and a paint palette. A nature set might include butterflies, bees, flowers and suns. Individual erasers are also available, but they are less common.

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