Good Morning
Good Morning

My collection of Funko Vinyl Pops

I collect Funko Vinyl Pops. They are small statues that look like famous fictional or nonfictional characters. I started collecting them in 2012. I collect Pops with my other family members. There are 30 categories, including NFL, MLB, holiday, My Little Pony, WWE, books, movies, animation, Muppets, Star Wars, television, Marvel and my favorite, Disney Pops.

I have about 90 Pops. Disney Pops rule with 72 of them, while the rest are from movies, holidays or My Little Pony. My favorite Pop is Sorcerer Mickey. Sorcerer Mickey reminds me of the fireworks show at Disney World called Fantasmic. The details on the Vinyl Pops are amazingly accurate. I keep each Pop in its original box displayed in my playroom on shelves. It is so much fun because I get to spend time with my family. Most Pops cost $8.95. You can find them at Barnes & Noble or online at

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