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65° Good Morning
65° Good Morning

My cousin, race car driver Brendon Bock

My cousin, Brendon Bock, is 18 years old and a race car driver. His car number is 33. Every once in a while you may see him on television. He has even appeared on News 12 and ESPN. He travels all around the country racing.

Brendon drives a Legends race car. His sponsors are his dad, George Bock, A&S Bagels and Pro-System Brakes and Long Island Performance. Brendon is such a good driver that he mainly wins first place. On July 12, 2014, he started in 15th place and ended in fourth place in 20 laps; and on June 21, 2014, he started in first place and ended in first place.

Since he is a great driver, he races against people of all ages -- from age 16 to age 60. He still wins! Type in Brendon Bock on the Internet and you can find out even more about him. I am so proud of my cousin.

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