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My dog Baci and other teddy bear dogs

Kidsday reporter Daniella Graffeo's teddy bear dog is

Kidsday reporter Daniella Graffeo's teddy bear dog is named Baci. Credit: Graffeo family

Teddy bear dogs are fun to own and take care of. They are hybrid dogs made of two pure breeds, shih tzus and bichon frises. This mix gives them their soft fur and their names. Teddy bear dogs are energetic. They need lots of training, from bathroom to tricks. They are friendly with kids. They always want to be part of the family and are enjoyable for a cuddle. Additionally, teddy bear dogs in general constantly bark at passing people, cats or other dogs, but they are just trying to protect you.

My teddy bear dog, Baci, loves to be around family, play, cuddle and eat. He will always be by your side when you are sick. He always obeys commands. He can even jump through a hula hoop.

Baci was born in Kansas in January 2012. His dad is a bichon and his mom is a shih tzu. He has one brother and two sisters. Baci is a smart dog who learns tricks quickly. He loves to eat Greenies snacks, pieces of apple and pumpkin.

Teddy bear dogs love to be a fun part of the family and can become a cute and cuddly companion.

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