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My dog is training to be a service pet

Kidsday reporter Amanda Perillo with her service dog,

Kidsday reporter Amanda Perillo with her service dog, Rocky. Credit: Perillo family

When I was 5, my mom and dad discovered that I couldn’t hear that well. So now I have two hearing aids to help me hear, but sometimes I need more help. This is why we have Rocky.

Rocky is a yellow Labrador retriever. We take Rocky to different stores like Home Depot, Target, and BJ’s. We take him to those places so that he gets used to being around different people and smells such as paint, pool chlorine and food. When he becomes a service dog he will have learned to become focused and not pay attention to smells and people around him.

When Rocky is being trained, he wears a service vest. His service vest is bright and orange so that people will notice it. They will know that he is working and not to touch him. He wears it only when we go out to stores, restaurants or for a walk. It will take Rocky a lot of training and a couple of years until he can work as a real service dog to help me. This is the story of Rocky the service dog.

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