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Good Morning

My family and I saved a squirrel

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Amanda Saladino, Greenlawn

One day I was riding my bike home from school, and I saw my dad looking in a tree. It was weird but I went inside my house to do homework. I asked my mom for help but she said, “In a sec, you father needs me outside.” So, I followed her outside to see what’s going on.

This time, both my parents were looking in the tree. I asked, “Why are you guys looking in the tree?” My dad said, “I don’t know, but I think something just fell!” So we looked under the tree and saw a baby squirrel lying there looking weak. So my mom and I both ran up the street to the vet while my dad was at home taking care of it. When we got to the vet, we asked what we should do. They said to give it coconut milk to get it the energy to climb back up the tree. We also got a needle to have it drink the coconut milk.

When we got home my dad made it a bed out of leaves and a cap full of water. I gathered nuts so he can eat them. While my mom did that I named him a funny name, which is Bill National Junior. His brother squirrel came down to see where he was. My friend Charlie was at my house and named Bill National Junior’s brother Elves. After his other brother came down and I named him Billy Bob. I know they are all brothers because they were facing each other and make noises. As my mother gave him the coconut milk, I wondered, “How did he fall from the tree?” No one knew. After my mom fed the squirrel, it tried to climb the tree but he fell. He was OK and he tried again. This time he made it! I was so happy he was able to get back into the tree. But I was stuck getting back to homework.

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