Good Morning
Good Morning

My family celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Many people celebrate holidays. In Mexico, they celebrate Cinco de Mayo; it is a special day. My family also celebrates Cinco de Mayo.

Let me tell you what we do and the history behind it. In the morning, everybody that lives in my house goes to the kitchen to have a little meeting. My dad will give each of us a piece of paper with a list of things we need to do. This year, my job is to buy food for our big dinner.

Then, when we get everything on our lists, we bring it all to the kitchen. My mom and my sister do the cooking. They make rice, chicken, tortillas and tamales. When we all finish eating our food, we go outside to break a piñata.

Cinco de Mayo has a big history; it commemorates the Mexicans' victory over the invading French on May 5, 1862, in the battle of Puebla. Every year, Mexicans remember the people who died in the battle and their relatives who survived.

As part of my tradition, I make a piñata for the kids in my class. I fill it with candy, and after we break it, we celebrate together!

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