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My family farm in Cutchogue

In America today, many people do not eat healthy. Processed foods and fruits and vegetables are imported from other countries and become old by the time they get to the United States, but that is not the only problem. Sometimes the ingredients aren't high quality, either.

Many farms are now raising animals and using them for meat, milk or eggs. Farms also grow fresh produce including fruit, lettuce and vegetables. One of the farms doing this is my family's farm -- 8 Hands Farm. We raise sheep for milk and meat, pigs for meat and chickens for meat and eggs. We also have a garden where we grow vegetables. We also have a farm store where we sell all these products. I work on this farm by collecting eggs, working in the food store and taking care of the sheep. Our goal is for people to eat better and know where their food came from. As people learn more about their food, they will want to know more about how it is grown and raised. That is a good thing. 4735 Cox Lane, Cutchogue. Find us on the web:

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