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My family fostered two Labrador retrievers

Not too long ago, my mom wanted to foster a dog. Now we already have a dog at our house, a golden retriever named Brody, who is 3 years old.

My mom was looking on the website Save a Lab ( This website helps Labs (Labrador retrievers) be fostered or even find permanent homes.

Well, my family did them both. For a few weeks, we fostered a chocolate Lab named Ripley. We had fun, and then we found a home in New Jersey with a loving family with kids looking for a loving dog.

Then, after two months, we fostered another chocolate Lab. I forgot her name. A few weeks later, we found a home for her with my grandpa's fiancee's brother and eventually she was named Ozy.

So my experience with the two Labs was pretty cool because I found two homes for two homeless dogs, and the best part is anyone can do it.


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