Guess what my family is especially known for? My parents own a racetrack in Archer, Florida, called Bronson Speedway. My brother Chris, who is 21, drives race cars, and my dad does too. Both of them have raced at Riverhead Raceway and won several championships.

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Our family has loved these past four years because we like going down to enjoy the warm weather as well as the racing and good food. I spend a lot of my summers in Florida and I work at the track as well as a runner. That means I run to get stuff for people who need them at the track. It is a lot of fun.

It's cool to be me because my family gets to travel back and forth to Florida. My mom has to travel weekly to manage the track so it can be run smoothly. What's cool about it is that I get to sit in the race cars and meet all the different drivers. Just looking at all the cool cars is something special. It is just a matter of time before I not only get to sit in the race cars, but I also get to race them as well.