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My family’s African adventure

Kidsday reporter Maceo Blumberg, middle, in Tanzania with

Kidsday reporter Maceo Blumberg, middle, in Tanzania with his mom, Celina Cabello, a Tanzanian villager, and his siblings Ryder and Noah. Credit: Blumberg family

My adventure started when my family traveled to Africa in the summer of 2015. We went on safari in Tanzania. We saw lots of animals, including lions, leopards, rhinos, Cape buffalo and elephants. We learned all about their daily life. We also learned about plants and the acacia tree, which is a spiky tree that covers the Tanzanian landscape.

We got to meet the local people, the Maasai from the Maasai tribe. We visited their villages and learned about their lives. Their village is called a boma and the huts are made of mud, sticks and animal dung. In the middle of the hut is an opening at the top for smoke from their fire to escape. The whole family sleeps in one room on mats made of hay. The Maasai people live on cow milk and cow blood, but on special occasions they eat meat. We also visited a school in the village. It was one room for all grades.

We got to learn what life is like for the Maasai. I learned that being a boy there is hard, because boys have to go into the plains alone and survive away from their boma in order to prove they have grown up. The Maasai make fire using wood, hay and sticks. They rub a stick between their hands until the fire starts. We also got to see them dance, by jumping, moving their heads back and forth and singing. They invited me and my brothers to dance and sing with them, and we did.

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