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My fine feathered friends

Kidsday reporter Kevin Smith cares for his seven

Kidsday reporter Kevin Smith cares for his seven chickens. Credit: Erika Smith

Have you heard of Kevin Smith’s chickens? If you haven’t, then here is a little information about them. All of my seven chickens are hens. Their names are Bobbie, Sweet, Herbie, Chocolate, Curious George, Crowie and Snowball. In the summer we get about five to seven eggs a day. But in the winter we only get up to three. This happens because of the lack of daylight. I get up every morning at 4:30 to take care of them and collect the eggs.

But that doesn’t change my feelings about them. My chickens love me. When I come to their coop, they come over to me. I guess it is because they know I will be feeding them. I let them out in the yard usually every weekend for about two hours when I am home. I got my first two chickens in second grade when we hatched the eggs in class. The next four chickens came from my grandpa Herb Phillips. After that we got six more, but as the years have gone by, four chickens have died and we had to give one away because he was a rooster. That leaves us with seven.

We feed them about 24 ounces of organic chicken food in the morning and about 24 ounces of food at night. It is also important that they have fresh water. The coop that they live in was built by my grandpa Herb and my dad, Matt Smith. My oldest chickens (Bobbie, Herbie, and Chocolate) are turning 3 this summer. My newest chickens (Snowball, Sweet, Crowie, and Curious George) are turning 2 in the summer. I’ve sold some eggs to the local country club. I’ve also had an egg stand and sold eggs at my mailbox.

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