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My gymnastics debut at Madison Square Garden

Our gymnastics school performed at Madison Square Garden.

Our gymnastics school performed at Madison Square Garden. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Liya Borukhova

Last summer, I performed gymnastics at Madison Square Garden for the halftime break at a New York Liberty basketball game. It was really fun. At first I was nervous, but after the performance, the first thing I wanted to do was perform again!

While I was waiting for the halftime to come, my teammates and I were really nervous, and it was tough to concentrate on the game. It looked like there were thousands of people watching, but I knew I could do it. When I saw other people performing during a different break, I got a little less nervous. When I actually performed, I had a lot of fun. The part that was most exciting to me was when I was shown on the big screen above. I was shown five or six times. I think we did well. Of course, I didn’t perform alone. A lot of other girls performed, too. We were very proud of ourselves, and so were our parents.

I got the great opportunity to perform at Madison Square Garden because of the gymnastics school I go to — Forest Hills Rhythmic Gymnastics. Our coaches there are nice, and the routines we learn and the music we prepare with are beautiful. The best part about this gymnastics is that on every Father’s Day, most of the children perform routines for their parents. That is our gift to our fathers.

Learning gymnastics has been a great experience for me, and if there is a place for you to try it out, you should go.

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