You might think it peculiar if people drove slowly by your house and took pictures, but when you live in a historical site, it is a typical Sunday afternoon. The Artist Colony in Oakdale is a 125-year-old historical site that was originally a farm on the Vanderbilt estate, then it was a community for artists and now it is regular houses. Tourists not only come to see the brick clock tower, they come to see the Artist Colony’s historical charm.

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Once you enter the area, you are surrounded by brick houses that once were either a piggery, duck house, chicken coop, cheese house, eagle house, bullpen, or the hay loft (the clock tower). When I tell my friends I live in a 125-year-old chicken coop, they ask me if my house is small. Yes, it is small, has a tiny kitchen and only two closets, but it is cozy and charming just the same.

Another historical place is the old Vanderbilt summer hunting home that is now a college. My favorite part of the Artist Colony is the arches that you drive under when you enter the area. My home is not just a house, it is like living in history.