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My iRULU smart watch has apps, touch screen, many functions

Kidsday reporter Asad Arif wears his iRULU smart

Kidsday reporter Asad Arif wears his iRULU smart watch. Credit: newsday / Pat Mullooly

You might have heard of the Apple Watch, Fitbit or a Samsung watch, but have you heard of iRULU? You probably haven’t heard of it because it’s a company that’s not very well known. They recently came out with a new smart watch. I know a lot about this watch because I have one.

When you first see the iRULU Bluetooth smart watch, you’ll notice it comes in an awesome package. It is a cube that has the logos of the apps on the watch. The watch has a sleek and simple design, with only one button on the side. The strap is really easy to put on. There are speakerphone holes on the side of the watch and the USB port to charge it. It comes in different colors.

Here are some of the watch functions. It has a touch screen and you can swipe from area to area. One of the more important characteristics of an electronic device is its battery life. On this watch I would say the battery life is adequate enough. It can go two to three days without charging. It displays the battery life on the top right corner of the screen. When it turns on, you are greeted with a clock on the screen. Underneath the clock on the main screen are two apps: the phone and texting apps.

From the main screen you can get to four different slides, with eight apps on each screen. All of the 32 apps are pretty useful, but there are two apps that makes this watch worth buying: the phone and texting apps. They are the main reason my dad bought this watch — so I can stay in touch with my parents. If you have a phone already, you probably don’t need this. It’s much cheaper than a phone and you don’t need a sim card to be able to call or text someone.

It is affordable and easy to use. It is also very light on your arm. In the end I think this watch is a great product.

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