Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

My love for cars and trucks comes from helping my dad

Kidsday reporter Dylan Bailey and dad Robert Bailey

Kidsday reporter Dylan Bailey and dad Robert Bailey with their Jeep. Credit: Bailey family

Since I was little, my dad taught me a love for cars and trucks. He has had multiple cars and trucks in his life. We have had a Jeep for three years now and he has done lots of work on it, with me helping him.

We have done so many things to it that not many Jeeps are like ours. And it’s pretty cool how cars and trucks work. They have so much technology that some companies are trying to make cars that drive themselves. But back even a few years ago there was not a lot of technology in them. Now they have navigation, touch screens, heated seats, and a lot more.

My favorite car is a 1996 Toyota Supra Mk4. It’s a really fast car with just a little bit of work and it looks really cool.

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