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My Maltese-Yorkie mix is my best friend

Kidsday reporter Leanna Tortorella with Gino, a Maltese-Yorkshire

Kidsday reporter Leanna Tortorella with Gino, a Maltese-Yorkshire terrier mix. Credit: Tortorella family

On a wonderful Sunday, Dec. 11, 2015, I got a new dog, Gino. I came home from a sleepover with my friend, Sabrina. I went upstairs to unpack and my mom screamed my sister’s name, my brother’s name and my name. We all thought we were in trouble!

Meanwhile, my dad was standing there with our new dog. I had gone to look for dogs a month before, but I didn’t think I was getting one. As soon as I saw my dad, I started to cry. I thought I was going to faint. My brother and sister knew we were getting a dog. My other dog, Bruno, had died earlier that year.

My mom said we were not going to get another dog, but she plays with Gino the most — like wow, mom!

Now when I leave for school, he knows and goes in his little doghouse, and it makes me so sad. When I get home I play with him and let him outside. Gino will grow to be only 10 pounds. At the moment he is 6 pounds. Gino is a morkie, which is a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier mix. I love him so much.

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