Good Morning
Good Morning

My pogo stick experiment

Have you ever tried a pogo stick? I have, and it is so much fun. A pogo stick uses a spring to bounce. You have to try to stay on it. At first you might not get it, but if you stick with it, you might become a pro. You might fall a few times, so I strongly suggest you wear knee pads and a helmet. I like pogoing so much that I decided to have a competition with my cousins to see who could do the most without falling or getting tired.

Here is what happened: Each of us had two chances to see who could do the most hops.

First, Mathew goes. He stops at 120 bounces on his first turn. Second, Anna does her turn and stops at 143 bounces. Then I go. I stop at 33 (I was showing off). Next, Mathew does his turn and stops at 273. Then, Anna gets 503 and I get 700. In conclusion, I won. I should win. It's my story! I love to pogo so much that I am trying to be able to dunk a basketball while hopping on the pogo stick.

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