Good Morning
Good Morning

My Snuggie has me covered

For my birthday a few years ago, my friends gave me a Snuggie. If you haven't seen the commercials about it, the Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves that helps you keep your arms warm while you do everyday things such as texting, writing and blogging.

It keeps me toasty as I watch TV on my computer and write in the frozen tundra of the creative writing room at my camp. I write in comfort, and everyone turns green when they see that I'm all toasty and warm.

My Snuggie is blue, and has my name is embroidered in gold thread. I use it mainly at camp, but on those rare occasions that I sleep over at a friend's house, I'll always tote my Snuggie with me.

I'm the envy of my friends because they have to use their sweatshirts as blankets in the freezing rooms of the building while I sit in comfort and allow myself to be warm and content.

Snuggies range from about $10 to $25, depending on where you buy them. I think it's worth the money if you often find yourself in cold environments. If not, you'd probably get away with just a blanket. Can't find it in a store? Here is the website:

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