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My story of modeling and acting

Modeling and acting are things I've been doing since I was 3. I am 12 now, and it all started when so many people were asking my mom if I was a model or an actress. My mom then thought it would be a great idea to sign me up to see if I liked it. I also wanted to follow in my older sister's footsteps because she was a model and an actress, too.

My mom sent a picture of me to a modeling and acting agency called Generation. A few days later, they emailed her back, saying they wanted me to come into Manhattan to audition. When I walked in, about 20 people were waiting for me. After this, we went back home, and then my mom got a phone call. They were interested in having me join their modeling and acting agency.

Almost four days a week, my mom took me into Manhattan to go on auditions. Since I was young, I've always thought modeling was more fun than acting. Some of the modeling jobs I did recently are Land's End and Rubies Halloween Costumes. It is much harder to be picked to be on commercials, which would be considered acting, but I was asked to be on a few, such as Subway, P.C. Richard and Long Island Tourism.

A couple of years later, one of the women that ran the children's division at Generation moved to Ford Models. She asked me to join there. My mom felt it was time to move on to this bigger agency. When I moved there, I started to be called on bigger and better auditions.

This is when I was chosen to be on a Subway commercial. You couldn't imagine how excited I was. The commercial even played three times during the Super Bowl. It was pretty cool to be getting phone calls from my friends, saying they just saw me on TV during the game. This was one of the best experiences in being an actress, and none of this would ever be possible without my mom.


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