Good Morning
Good Morning

My super Pinewood Derby car

Do you know what the Pinewood Derby is? Boy Scouts can enter the Pinewood Derby where they build a car and race it. I have been in Boy Scouts for one year, but I was lucky enough to tie for first place in the last Pinewood Derby. It was so much fun designing and racing my car. My dad helped me build my car. We used a saw, nails, hammer and a block of wood. First, we drew what I wanted my car to look like. Then we used a Sharpie to make marks on the wood to show where we wanted to cut it. When we cut the wood, we sanded it with sandpaper to make it smooth. Next, we painted it and put the wheels on. Here's a trick: use a long piece of tape and put it on the ground to see if your car stays on the tape. This will help you figure out if it will go straight or hit a wall when you race it. The world's fastest Pinewood Derby car ran the track in 1.14 seconds! The next race is in March.

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