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My teacher's slipper collection

My teacher, Mrs. Bridget Norman, has a lot of slippers in the classroom. She has so many it sometimes gets out of hand. She has three laundry baskets full of all kinds of slippers. She has Christmas slippers, Valentine slippers, animal slippers and normal slippers.

Mrs. Norman has been wearing slippers for years. It started when one of her students bought her a pair of slippers as a gift about 25 years ago. That gift led to another and then another and another!

Every day starts with her students and classroom helpers deciding which slippers she will wear that day. Now here is the question you all have been wondering: Why does Mrs. Norman wear slippers? The reasons are: they're fun, and they keep her feet warm and cozy.

We always ask her which pair is her favorite, and she says, "I don't really have a favorite pair, although I love my holiday slippers [Rudolph, snowmen, red for Valentine's Day, orange for Halloween] and my animal slippers [sock monkeys, bunnies, puppies, frogs, ducks and bumble bees]." She added, "There are probably a few I should throw out [with holes in the bottoms, etc.], but I think I still have most of them."

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