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My tree branch collection

Two years ago, I started a tree branch collection. I went to the beach and saw a 31/2-foot tree branch. I asked my mom if we could put it in the trunk, and she said yes. I thought about what I should do with the tree branch, and I decided to paint it!

This was a unique event for me, because I thought of it on my own just by looking at that branch. I wanted to make it colorful. When I got home, right away I started painting the tree. It took me a while, but it got fully painted.

My mom said it looked amazing and great, so she put it on the porch. I said, "Maybe we should do it every summer." She said, "That's a wonderful idea." If you like collecting things, maybe you can try it.

I think collecting different things is a representation of who you are. Every year I would put away the old branch and take out the new one. Collecting branches and painting them for me is just like discovering gold treasure.

My beach tree branches are very special to me. When you start collecting something, you will be very protective of it. Make a challenge for yourself or try to reach a goal in your collection. Remember to have fun collecting your item.

Fun is the key to success!


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