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My ultimate boys weekend in the Catskill Mountains

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Adam Schnepp, Islip

Sometimes boys just need a weekend away from everyone. It’s not every day that a boy from Long Island gets to ride ATVs and hike big mountains in upstate New York. One cold winter day, I asked my dad if we could go upstate to my Uncle Nate’s house. On a cold Saturday morning in March, my dad woke me up really early and said, “Let’s get ready, Alex! We’re going upstate for our boys weekend!” We hopped in the truck and drove to my uncle’s house. My uncle’s house has a flat-screen TV and a lot of toys. I asked my uncle if I could go outside and explore and climb up the large mountain behind his house. We did, but then he called us down. He took us to the back of the house, where we saw my uncle come out of the garage on an ATV.

My uncle threw me a helmet and said, “Hop on!” He took me straight up the mountain. We drove in and out of trees and over logs. Later, we went hiking up the Catskill Mountains. I wanted to see a big black bear, but they were hibernating. Later that night, after we ate smoked ribs, I asked my uncle and my dad if we could play in my uncle’s “man cave” and stay up late. A man cave is where men go to be men and get away from the stress to play games and relax. We played lots of games together that night, and while I was dancing around, my dad snuck up behind me and grabbed me. He was wearing a big black bear skin and he looked like a real bear. I screamed! He said, “I know you wanted to see a black bear, so I figured I would show you one!”

After that, we watched a movie, and we also played catch. The next day, we went to my grandparents’ house, which has a whopping 233 acres of farmland. We rode ATVs again because they had two of them and they have more land than my uncle does, so we could really explore. I got to ride around ponds, through the woods, and up and down the mountain.

Later on that day, we got to shoot pellet guns. My Uncle Nate and my dad are both police officers and they wanted my brother and I to learn about gun safety. My Uncle Nate set up balloons for us in the woods to shoot at so we could practice handling a gun safely. I was the best shooter. I felt like I was a police officer.

The next day, we had a big breakfast before the car ride home. We made plans to come back. On the ride home, my dad asked me if I had fun on the boys weekend, and I said it was amazing! So the next time you feel like you are stuck in your house with cabin fever, I suggest you plan a boys weekend to upstate New York.


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