Good Morning
Good Morning

My visit to the White House

Being invited to the White House by the Office of Vice President Joe Biden was a tremendous honor. In October, everyone in the fourth grade in our school wrote a letter to a politician about the government being shut down. I wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden.

In late December, I received a letter back from him that had been mailed to my school and read over the loudspeaker. I was so glad, I wrote him a thank-you letter and asked to meet him when my family went to Washington, D.C., in February. In late January, Biden's assistant called my school and said he would be away that day but invited us to tour the White House. I knew it would be a spectacular experience. Although the East Wing of the White House was interesting, it was not what I expected. I think that it would have been better if we could have seen the living space, but of course the presidential family needs its privacy! What I could see of the White House was that it was a big place with a lot of fancy rooms. My favorite room was the Blue Room because it had long, fancy curtains with gold trim that were very elegant.

Our tour guide told us about the details and the history of the White House, but also about the first family. I learned that no matter what the president's children (Malia and Sasha) are doing, they always have Secret Service with them -- even at school or on sleepovers with friends. Now that would annoy me! Also, I would not be able to tell whether I have a real friend or someone who just wants to be my friend because I am the president's daughter.

Our guide for the day was Kayla Koboski, intern in the Office of the Vice President. She was as interesting as the tour! She told us that being in politics was "Very fast-paced, very easy . . . you learn a lot. I think it is really fun."

I asked her what security was like for her. Kayla said, "I scan my badge and enter a passcode." She told us that she is the person who reads letters sent to Biden and that when she went to college she studied political science, economics, international relations, math and science. It was a great day!

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