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Watching NASCAR at Pocono Raceway is so exciting

Kidsday reporter Chase Licatesi and his dad, Robert,

Kidsday reporter Chase Licatesi and his dad, Robert, at a NASCAR event at Pocono Raceway. Credit: Licatesi family

I was very excited when I went to Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania to see a NASCAR race. There were so many people there that we had to park far away.

While I was walking around the raceway, I found myself buying stuff at the drivers’ pop-up stores. After that, we went to check out the track, and it was really big. Two men came over to us and gave us pit passes to see firsthand where the pit crew for each driver works.

When we got back, we ate and went to our seats. I was so excited when the cars came out and lined up on the track. Next thing I knew, the announcer said, “Drivers, start your engines!” I could not believe how loud it was. I was wearing ear plugs and headphones, and I still could not hear my dad talking.

The race started. Zoom, zoom, zoom! The cars were going so fast around the track that when I was talking to my dad and I turned my head back toward the track, I saw the same cars fly by me again. I saw a few cars crash. It was very cool, and thank goodness no one got hurt. My favorite driver, Kyle Bush, No. 18, pitted and lost the lead and came in second place.

I thought going to a NASCAR race was awesome. Plan a trip to the Poconos for this exciting sport. Find the racetrack online at

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